About Us

Warden Generators is a family owned and operated Tulsa Generator Installers, service, and repair business located in Northeast Oklahoma. As a certified dealer and installer of Generac generators, Warden uses industry standard methods of solving issues with powering the home. The company was named Warden because it represents our mission, “Protect your home, power your life.”

At Warden, we are here for your Tulsa Generator Installers. We believe you should be in charge of your home’s power and you should not be at the mercy of the electric company. Whether it’s through the use of a standby generator, portable generator, or solar solutions, we believe the homeowner should have a say in whether or not they have electricity. Most of the time home buyers do not have a say in their electrical provider, that’s where we step in.

We are on a mission to put the power back in your hands with our Tulsa Generator Installers and give our clients the opportunity to feel safe and secure knowing their home is ready for an outage. Business Insider has said that power outages have increased by 64% since the early 2000’s. That number is only projected to increase. Power outages are a problem in the United States of America. That statistic is only projected to increase as time goes on. Whether the issue is with the Earth’s climate, or with low quality operation of power plants, electricity is on the chopping block. Natural disasters also play a big part in power outages across the US.

We understand anything can happen so we want your home to be protected with a Tulsa Generator Installers. In Oklahoma, we have a long storm season where a large cell could pop up any day and there is little time to react if you did not have something planned or set in place to protect your home from an outage. The tried and true method of whole home backup power is the standby generator. Not only can you power your entire home on a backup generator, they can also increase property value. Adding a standby generator to your home can increase your home’s value by anywhere from 3-5%. Warden is dedicated to the mission of putting peace of mind back in the hands of the homeowner, and not the government. In Colorado, an energy company remotely shut down access to homeowner’s thermostats in order to save energy saying that they had an “energy emergency” as the temperature at that time was reaching 90 degrees.

At Warden, we never want you to be in a bind with your Tulsa Generator Installers. Imagine a summer where you had no access to how cool you wanted to keep your house. Energy companies will do whatever they can to stay under their energy usage quotas, including regulating your appliances.

Be ready with Warden Generators and have a Tulsa Generator Installers get your home set up. An energy company in Northeast Oklahoma also stated that they recommend keeping your house at 75 degrees in the summer in order to “save energy”. What happens when this is no longer a recommendation, and they believe they need to step in and force you to do so? Standby generators can power your entire home. This includes air conditioning, freezing and refrigeration, lights, and heating. Hunter Bemies, the owner and operator of Warden, was once speaking to his father about buying a standby generator for his home, and while they were debating the idea, his father finally decided to go ahead and buy one and have it installed. One week later, in the middle of a beautiful, sunny northeast Oklahoma day, the power went out.

There wasn’t even a storm, or any recent events to warrant a power outage, but because of the unreliability of the power grid, the power dropped out of nowhere. That’s when Hunter and his father knew that the generators are an investment that is absolutely well worth it. The money and headache that a generator can save is far and away the greatest benefit of owning a standby whole home generator. It does not take long at all for refrigerated foods to turn completely to waste. It only takes 4 hours for all your refrigerated goods to need to be replaced. Warden is putting the peace of mind back in the homeowner’s possession.

Hunter’s family has been in the construction and home improvement industry in Oklahoma since the 1990’s, so they understand what it means and how important it is to know that you are getting what you paid for. Just as a Warden, you should feel like your home’s power is not able to leave on it’s own volition. When Warden was started, we knew that we wanted to do things right. That is why we only use licensed, trained, and certified professionals to take care of everything from the installation of a standby generator, service, and repairs. When handling something as precious as electricity and home power, it should always be done by someone who has been properly instructed and vetted to ensure the quality of work that the homeowner deserves. Warden is not only taking part in the business of standby generators, we are also taking part in the solar business. As a generac dealer, Warden has access to the industry’s top solar inverter and battery cabinet system.

Just because you have solar panels, that does not guarantee power in the event of an outage. Without an inverter and battery cabinet, your solar panels only provide power to the electric company. The best way that you can store that energy and use it later is with a PWRcell solar system installed by Warden Generators.

Don’t just settle for being at the mercy of your electrical company. Take the reins and be in control of your home with Warden generators. We understand the importance of power in your home and that’s why we’re here to help. With Warden, you can know that your project doesn’t just meet industry standards, it exceeds them. Warden makes a specific effort to be sure that the process of purchasing a generator for your home is easily understood, and nothing is left uncertain or in the air. Choose Warden Generators as your preferred provider for all solutions regarding making sure your home’s power is ready for anything that the world can throw at it.